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Appinventiv has established itself as a leading company in the mobility space within a short span of time. We have a team of adept mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and app developers who form the core of its operations across the US, Europe, and A ...

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Employees Freelancer
Location Airmont, New York, United States
Founded 2014
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79 Madison Ave Manhattan, NY 10001 United States, Airmont,
New York , 10001,
United States

+1 646-585-0501
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The Project
Backend App Development for Wellness App Dev Company
Project Type
Cloud Consulting
Project Size
Project Length
Oct. 2020 - Feb. 2021
Project Summary:

It was great working with in Appinventiv

The Reviewer

Armin Schreiber

Apr 12, 2022

CEO, GoodMood Ltd.
Social Networking
Client Size
1-10 Employees
Review Type
Phone Interview


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Feedback Summary:

Even though I have yet to have an end product, I have been quite pleased with the overall process. They're a pleasant firm to deal with, and they've kept their promises on schedule

The Review
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Tell us all about your experience ?

It was great working with in Appinventiv.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

They did their whole job with complete honesty. They did a great job for delivering the quality product to their client without minding the extended working hours. It made me so happy that people I hired are giving their 100% to create my app. They suggested me few more things that saved me so much amount and time and yet I get a quality product..

How much have you invested?

So far, the expense has been close to $30,000. We've begun work on a new module, which will cost an additional $10,000..

Opportunity/ Challenge
What challenge were you trying to deal with?

My business partner and I are the owners of the product. We employ designers and engineers as well as outline the app's features. Because I'd already had a poor experience with an application developer and lost a lot of money, this project was rather difficult. I began working in this sector in 2016, having previously worked in a completely another field. Everything has to be learned from the ground up..

What is the scope of Topxlisting involvement?

The UI design that I delivered to them they did the complete programming on my app on the basis of that and developed my app completely from the scratch. Currently, we are creating an app specifically for the iOS. The goal is to make a fantastic product, which is exactly what I'm aiming for. I don't want to be app #1,000,001 in the app store; I want to create a fantastic software that truly benefits people. My goal is to have an app of the year, which will be available on the App Store or the Google Play Store. I can only produce a fantastic product if I have a fantastic staff. Everyone should contribute useful information, and we'll talk about it later..

Describe the work procedure in detail, including steps, key deliverables, and technologies used?

Our platform has been created by Appinventiv. They sent us all the explanation of our goals and desired functions for the app after some conversation. This discussion was made to know that we are all on the same track. I'm not sure about the technology they used, but they combined several APIs and created an app. We're near the end of the project, and I am sure that we'll have a flawless final result..

Results & Feedback
Share your general feedback about the deliverables?

Even though I have yet to have an end product, I have been quite pleased with the overall process. They're a pleasant firm to deal with, and they've kept their promises on schedule.

Any suggestion for this company about further improvement?

As we all aware of the fact that there is nothing in this world to which we can call perfect. While working with a team always remember a thing appreciating their work will help encourage them to deliver a quality product and they’ll work even much harder to give their best results. For now, if I want to give any suggestion I would suggest to do something better than a call after a big update as it will save some time and give better results. This is a running process with Appinventive and we are really happy with that. In future if I think that there is something I will definitely talk to their lead manager or the boss and I am sure they resolve it as soon as possible..

Discuss team composition in detail.

There are almost 17 people involved on the Basecamp, and 7-8 people will communicate with you from Appinventive. At that time the project manager is my main contact and I use to talk to the developers only when needed..

Describe project management style in terms of communication tools and timeliness.

Basecamp and Jira are the tools we use. Their project manager is doing an outstanding job, and all of the tasks and issues are easy to track. I use TestFlight to test new builds and provide feedback via Jira. Appinventiv then gets to work on the input. The issue ticket is closed once everything is completed. Even for someone who is new to the industry, the system is professional and simple to understand..