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Founded 2007
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The Project
Blueprint & Pitch Deck for Two Way E-Commerce Platform
Project Type
Cloud Consulting
Project Size
Project Length
Oct. 2020 - Feb. 2021
Project Summary:

They turned my idea, my vision, into a fully functional prototype.

The Reviewer

Apr 29, 2022

Founder, Myluxierge
Social Networking
Client Size
1-10 Employees
Review Type
Phone Interview


Overall Rating:








Feedback Summary:

Everything was perfect and upto the mark. I am extremely happy with the services and will come back with more projects in the future.

The Review
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Tell us all about your experience ?

They turned my idea, my vision, into a fully functional prototype..

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

It was the Team that was responsible. They devoted a lot of time and money to the software. They were delighted to get started, and the app's target audience matched the team demographic. Every week, they were elated, and engaged, and provided me with invaluable input that allowed the platform to improve. .

How much have you invested?

In total, we spent about $18,000..

Opportunity/ Challenge
For what services did you hire this company, and what were your goals?

We have a two-way e-commerce platform and we wanted to have an application for that platform. Because we wanted to grow our business and make it accessible for the people But we are unable to do this on our own that’s the reason we choose MindSea to do this job for us..

What challenge were you trying to deal with?

They offer a blueprint service and they design the blueprints of the app and a pitch deck. Basically, their main aim was to take it to the point to bring it to an investor..

What is the scope of Topxlisting involvement?

Topxlisting helped us to find out the suitable agency for my business –Blueprint service.  We created a prototype after getting services from Blueprint service. The prototype was put through its paces. We changed it after getting feedback. We had three variations by that time, and the prototype was finished. After the MVP was launched, the team drew together an idea for the future app..

Why did you select this vendor, and what were the decision-making factors?

We search for the best mobile app development company on the internet and after so many tries we found them. They understand the UI/UX requirements that we wanted for our platform and deliver the product exactly according to that..

How did you come to work with us?

I discovered them on Topxlisting after conducting a Google search. I was impressed that they created proposal software that I had previously used. They provided services that we couldn't get anywhere else. They went over the planning process, deliverables, and deadlines. .

Describe the work procedure in detail, including steps, key deliverables, and technologies used?

I am not really sure about the technologies that they’ve used but still, the application that they have created works well for both iOS and Android..

Results & Feedback
Share your general feedback about the deliverables?

Everything was perfect and upto the mark. I am extremely happy with the services and will come back with more projects in the future..

Any suggestion for this company about further improvement?

No,I don't think so. There are no prominent areas for improvement..

Discuss team composition in detail.

I worked with a team of four persons including Taylor (VP of Client Experience), Thomas (Developer), and Katie (Product Designer. .

Describe project management style in terms of communication tools and timeliness.

Twice a week, we had meetings. And they kept me up to date on their progress at each meeting. Every email was forwarded to everyone on the team. They were fantastic at communicating. When I sent an email with queries or concerns, they always answered swiftly. Taylor was fantastic because, as a startup founder, he provided invaluable guidance. He was quite helpful and walked me through the process of seeking an investor step by step..